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  1. Re: A great win for CD Tenerife against Sabadell tonight

    Albeit that it will be very difficult a win on Sunday and we are safe and don't have to rely on the others,but depending on the other results even after a defeat it could just about be over this...
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    Re: Tenerife v Alcorcorn 17/05/2015

    We could be in big trouble if things don't improve very quickly.
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    Re: RIP Mike in Chayofa

    RIP Mike Sad news indeed
  4. Sticky: Football Re: Tenerife Forum Celtic football club discussion thread

    Congratulations Celtic the better team won on the night,please do not let us down against Ross Co on Saturday
  5. Sticky: Football Re: Tenerife Forum Celtic football club discussion thread

    Perhaps we should just beat you fair and square and the you can have a party at your place at the weekend and do us a favour into the bargain come on the Jags!!
  6. Restaurants What has happened to Restaurante Las Reyes in La Camella?

    Have asked this before but no information on why this very good restaurant has closed down,has the owner retired or have they maybe moved on somewhere else?

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  7. Re: cd tenerife v las palmas 04/12/13

    A great run we are on now Vamos Venga TeTe!
  8. Other Is Restaurante Las Rejas in La Camella still open?

    Tried to book for last Saturday but seems to be closed does
    anyone know what happened?
  9. Sticky: Football Re: Tenerife Forum Celtic football club discussion thread

    Yes I suppose that's true much the same for many areas of Glasgow.My dad
    came from Simpson St in Maryhill but I'm afraid I have to own up and say I originally
    came from Springburn,still my local...
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    Other Re: Green parrot in Golf?

    If you look and listen the south has loads of parrots particularly near the sea front they screech pretty loud so hard to miss.
  11. Sticky: Football Re: Tenerife Forum Celtic football club discussion thread

    Probably right result guys, although we maybe could have sneaked a draw,never
    mind catch you next time round Oh MARYHILL IS WONDERFUL iT'S THE HOME OF PARTICK THISTLE
  12. Sticky: Football Re: Tenerife Forum Celtic football club discussion thread

    Back down to earth with a bump come Sunday guys
  13. Football Re: Football Questions

    Parking is possible in the surrounding streets if you get there reasonably early you should be okay.Do not pay attention to people guiding you into parking spaces that are free anyway they are just...
  14. Football Re: Football Questions

    The next game is this Sunday at 5pm against Real Mallorca you could contact Fred Perry re transport and tickets and I am sure he will help you out
  15. Re: Has anyone had experience of Hertz car rental through Ryan Air?

    Used them once at Aeropuerta Sur and they were okaybut have used Auto Reisen since.
  16. Cars & Transport Re: Tailgaters on the TF1. Are they idiots, bullies or both?

    Simple answer, both
  17. Other Has the proposed walkway from Chayofa to La Camella been completed?

    Does anyone know if the at one time proposed walkway has been completed?
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    Re: Have We Been Hacked?

    Same thing here Syrian army rubbish came up and I deleted maybe someone can check this out.
  19. Re: CD Tenerife vs FC Barcelona B

    Hard going at the moment we need a win and three points quickly
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    Animal Chat Re: Strange bird in night sky

    Thanks everyone for the information this has puzzled me for years
  21. Re: Where can I get a good Paella in south Tenerife?

    As others have said I would say Raymonds in Los Cris for sure great value for money as well
  22. Other Is there a Bose distributor in Tenerife?

    Can anyone tell me if there is a Bose distributor on the Island as I am possibly looking to buy a new docking station and think that Bose are one of the best makes.
  23. Re: Sunday 24th Play-off final 2nd leg : CD Tenerife v Ponferradina

    No harm to CD Marino but this is one derby I had hoped not to see.Interesting to see what players/management team we have for next season,changes on the way I assume.
  24. Re: Massive weekend on the way for CD Tenerife

    The debt situation can wait lets sort out Sunday first wish I could be there but the computer will have to do Aupa TeTe
  25. Re: PLAY OFF - CF BADALONA vs CD TENERIFE Sunday 20th 5.30pm

    Doesn't matter how we play at this stage results are everything and I think before we scored the team had accepted a 1-0 as okay so a draw was a bonus and sets it up nicely for next Sunday
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