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  1. Re: Tax advice needed regarding my pension from the UK in Tenerife

    Hi, does anyone have the e-mail address for Collette Fisher, please?
  2. Re: Update on Building collapse

    Very sad, God bless their families and loved ones.
  3. Paperwork Re: Nie

    Hi, I assume you obtained you NIE number for a specific purpose. So it will appear on bank details, electricity, water bills etc.
  4. Cars & Transport Re: BONO via Mobile Phone

    Hi, everyone is talking about a monthly ticket, but having looked at the app, there is also the option of a 15€ and 25€ BONO. I assume this works in the same way as the traditional card.
  5. Cars & Transport Re: BONO via Mobile Phone

    Thanks Cressrt, I did not realise it was limited to monthly tickets.
  6. Cars & Transport Re: BONO via Mobile Phone

    Hi Lucky, thanks for this link. I always use the card BONO, but don't see anyone use their phone, or where the contact point is.

    Does anyone use it?
  7. Cars & Transport Has anyone bought a BONO via their mobile phone for the buses in Tenerife?

    Hi, has anyone bought a BONO for their mobile phone? Is it like 'contactless' payments?
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    Home and Garden Re: moving plants to tenerife

    Hi, unless you have plants of sentimental value I suggest you buy them in Tenerife. Many of the 'house plants' in the UK grow outside in Tenerife. If you do want to save something, then bring them as...
  9. Re: Can I open a Spanish bank account while still in the UK?


    Barclays have sold their Spanish banks, although they may retain the Barclays name for a while. Therefor there is no longer a UK connection.

    As I have said before we are very pleased with...
  10. Relocation Re: Question from a stranger: Where should I live in Tenerife?

    Hi, we bought in Puerto, just out of town, away from the tourist areas. The busy resorts may be great for a 2 week holiday, but not to live in. We like being in a local community.

    I disagree that...
  11. Shopping Re: Where can I buy pictures for home decorating?

    Hi, we bought a lovely original oil painting including frame for 80€, in Puerto. Ours was of a local view, but there were others. Puerto may be to far for you to travel, but tourist areas nearer home...
  12. Thread: Hello :o)

    by Rickiebear

    Re: Hello :o)

    Hi Jen, welcome to TF. We also love Tenerife. I first visited the island with my parents many years ago, and fell in love with it. A dream was always to live on the island a dream now fulfilled. Only...
  13. Thread: Hello again

    by Rickiebear

    Re: Hello again

    Hi, you should have come back years ago. Anyway welcome now. So when are you coming out again, put the past behind you, and form some new memories.
  14. Property Re: Property Revaluation Tax

    Hi, there was a trend a few years ago, where a buyer would pay part cash to the seller, and part via the final sale. Thereby avoiding tax. It maybe that in your case this is what the authorities...
  15. Other Re: Can anyone recommend an electrician in Tenerife South?

    Hi, I am looking for an electrician in Puerto de la Cruz who can repair a cooker please. I think the thermostat needs replacing in the oven. Thanks.
  16. Fiestas Re: Good website to find events calender in tenerife

    Hi, me too please.
  17. Re: Can I open a Spanish bank account while still in the UK?

    Hi, we opened a Solbank, part of Sabadel, via their London branch. We chose Solbank as there was an arrangement with our UK bank, HSBC. It was easy, with the minimum of paperwork.
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    Property Re: How much are your Community Fees?

    Hi, we pay 69€ a month. Include cleaning, pool and garden maintenance, and underground car park.
  19. Relocation Re: Hi, Newbie on the Tenerife forum thinking of retiring there

    Hi, before we bought we had many holidays in Tenerife. I first visited Tenerife early 70s. We chose north Tenerife as I wanted a more traditional and local feel. We eventually bought just outside...
  20. Re: The best and the worst buffet chinese in Tenerife?

    Hi, I often use the one on the sea front in Puerto. All in for 5€, plus a drink. Always hot and freshly served. Great views too.
  21. Relocation Re: We are relocating to Tenerife to open a barbers shop

    Hi, we don't want to put you off, but don't want you to fail. We have all seen too many business fold within a year. Tenerife is a great place for a 2 week holiday. However to start a business in a...
  22. Other Re: Looking for friendly expats who live in Santa Cruz

    Hi, there is an English community in Puerto de la Cruz, including an English speaking Church and English library.
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    Re: Happy New Year to all our Forum members

    Hi, never mind the banner, it's our community that matters.

    Happy New Year to all my friends in Tenerife. Here's to 2014.
  24. Education Re: Should I send my 4 year old to English or Spanish school in Tenerife?

    Hi, that's great. A new year, a new family lifestyle. I wish you the very best of luck in your new home. Please keep in touch, let us know how you get on. We all learn from each other.
  25. Other Re: Has Calzados Navarro, in Puerto de la Cruz, closed or moved?

    Another favorite store was 'No1', but that again that closed in Martiniez, and in Santa Cruz. But I noticed one was still open in Icod, where there were the usual great bargains.
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