This post is in response to recent events, however it is not exclusive, as similar occurrences have happened in the past. However it pains me that we have to resort to posting such a thread when the majority of users of this forum are, after all, grown adults.

I request that when charities use this forum to promote themselves, they do just that. Do not concern yourself with another charity's threads, just do the best you can for your own charity.

Petty squabbles and disagreements are not really of interest to the majority of users on the Tenerife Forum, as they come on here to find information about Tenerife, not to read about 'who did what to whom'. The charity in-fighting that has been going on lately is wholly unacceptable on the public boards.

We, the moderators, have no idea who is telling the truth about what, nor should we be forced to spend hours of our time sorting out personal fights, so I have removed ALL threads containing arguments or possible slander and as such, I advise the charities to repost your information threads and try to keep them as just that.... information... in future.

If a member of one charity has a problem with another, then please address it directly to the person you have a problem with, not in public on this forum. It is not beneficial for you, your charity or the forum members to see your in-fighting publicly displayed. Remember, it's the animals you are trying to help! Also, you will probably find that if you met and discussed your problems, you'd sort them out a lot quicker. Anyone can be a keyboard warrior on a forum, but it rarely resolves anything.

So, with that in mind, please be aware that any more posts made that are even SLIGHTLY construed by the moderation team as being sly remarks, digs, or insults to another charity will be removed and the poster will receive an infraction.... or possibly a ban, if warnings are ignored. If you are banned from this forum, you will not be able to use it to promote your efforts, so think carefully before you post.

Also, in accordance with the T&Cs of this forum, any moderator decisions will NOT be discussed on the main boards. Please contact a Moderator directly via PM, or use the report button... and have patience, as we do this job as volunteers and have our own lives to lead too. Failure to adhere to this rule may also result in infractions.

Thank you.

The Tenerife Forum Team