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Thread: LIve Arico Gift Cards, your solution for the impossible Xmas pressie.

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    LIve Arico Gift Cards, your solution for the impossible Xmas pressie.

    Dont know what to buy the person who has everything? Stress no more, Live Arico Gift Cards to the rescue. I will admit to completely nicking the idea from Oxfam, but its THE in thing in the UK, and in a nutshell this is how it works -

    Instead of buying a gift, buy a GIFT CARD.

    €10 = "I didnt know what to buy you this year, so I bought the dogs of Live Arico a sack of food instead"

    €25 = An expensive bottle of wine wont keep four dogs free of parasites for a month, so I bought you this instead. get the idea. We have €50 to sterilise a male and €75 to sterilise a female.

    All cards will be downloadable from our website.

    What do you think, will it take off here? x

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    We can but try Suzy, My sister and I have done it with Oxfam, it makes more sense than yet another tin of bl**dy Quality Street. She once bought me 6 chickens for an African present i ever had xxx

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    haha!! I agree. Xmas cards also ready to roll, two lovely designs hand drawn by the talented Alison Sturgess. €3.50 for a pack of 5, €10 for three packs. Order yours via PM, ditto the gift cards, go on, break the mould, buy your best mate a sack of dog food for Xmas!!! x

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    Hey the gift cards are really going well, especially the €10 "sack of dog food" ones.
    Beautifully illustrated, the cards are €3, €10 and a minimum €50 for the sterilisation ones, as I will personally ensure that the money from these goes to the neutering campaign. PM for more details or to get yours, I will deliver. The IN thing in the UK for the ideal gift for the person who has everything


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