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Thread: Las Chafiras & Llano de Camello apartment owners thread

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    Re: Las Chafiras & Llano de Camello apartment owners thread

    What a pity more people don't contribute to this thread! There's a lot going on in Llano del Camello at the moment, not just the Saturday and Sunday market but new building next to the newish garage. No idea what this could be.
    A firm called 'Daltre' is building next to '5 Oceanos', the frozen food store. This same firm is building the apartments on 'Cardiac Hill' opposite Dinastia in Los Cristianos so it will be interesting to see what they are producing in Llano del Camello.
    There was some activity in the park: an orange machine was at work on the paths. Some of the plants look quite colourful and are maturing well; it will be great when the park is opened.
    We tried two new places on the estate. Los Amigos restaurant was the first; hubby wasn't sure and I peeped in at about two thirty one afternoon: it was buzzing, packed! We went back at 7:00p.m. that evening and it was quieter but people kept coming in and now we know why! Hubby had pork...what seemed like half a pig.....and chips and salad. I had two, very large pieces of hake and salad and a heap of Canarian potatoes. We started with delicious baked bread (two big cobs) and the usual mojo sauces and alioli. I had a generous half carafe of white wine and hubby a large beer: 21 euros. I shouldn't have mentioned it as you will all be there. It's a large, practical and rustic restaurant with clean paper tablecloths. Don't wear your diamonds as it's a comfortable venue rather than glamorous.
    Hubby likes English football and for this reason was reluctant to try our nearest bar, El Faro (we are fans of Café Tolcan for its Menu del Dia and pizzas); they have Spanish football of course. But we did have a drink and a coffee there yesterday. It is friendly, comfortable and the coffee was very good indeed. We looked at the many interesting treatments offered by the hairdresser next door to the cafe. Very impressed with all three places and extremely good value.
    As a Catholic I go to the local churches and this Palm Sunday I walked to the church of the Good Shepherd in Llano del Camello. The evening Mass was at 7:00p.m. and instead of the little palm cross we receive in the UK we were each given a tall bunch of olives and palm leaves. My friend gave me hers after the service and I've set them in a vase to dry out in our apartment. Hubby is worried that we'll be crawling with minibugs on our return in a few weeks!!
    Llano del Camello is becoming a great place to be.

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    Re: Las Chafiras & Llano de Camello apartment owners thread

    We did return and the olives and palm have dried very well and now form an arrangement with some silk flowers.
    We enjoyed sitting on the balcony this time and had a couple of evenings with a bottle of wine, anti-mossie candles and listened to the Cory Shearwater or 'Whacka whacka' birds with their funny gazoo noises heading for the nearest mountain to sleep. They caused us many a giggle.
    We strolled around the estate and Daltre are still building behind the Dorada factory....but what?
    The avenue is so eagerly used by all who wish to keep fit for jogging, race-walking, strolling and exercising. Do be aware that many people are 'plugged in' to their Ipods and barely look as they cross the roads or stop jogging etc. All the right clothes and equipment are popular. Hubby and I used to enjoy tennis in the UK and thought about padle as we watched play on the courts. But the right shoes seem to be essential and it isn't clear whether the padles could be hired; people seemed to arrive with their own.
    Elfrida and Ermintrude (me) or Eric and Ernie (hubby), the two camels, stand proudly and the bushes are maturing well around them and along the avenue. The new garage seems successful, hopefully there will be further building.
    I think there is now one residential complex which doesn't have control of dogs barking for hours. I'm glad it's not our complex. What makes people think that others want to hear their dog barking all day?
    The park is still not open. Machinery is there but weeds are overtaking. I feel really sorry for the children on the estate. They need a place to kick balls and play more wildly as naturally there are restrictions with noise and movement within the complexes. If we lived there full-time I think I would be tempted to try and pile rocks and create a safe area on one of the neglected patches for the children. When we first arrived a few young ones were playing imaginatively with stones and toys in the middle of a 'parcel.' It was great to see this cooperative play rather than think of them indoors with their computers. Towards the end of our stay some boys were playing football each evening at the crossroads and due to parked cars it wasn't always obvious when cars were approaching, often at speed.
    The estate now needs a mayor or at least a couple of council members who are aware and will act for the estate.

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    Re: Las Chafiras & Llano de Camello apartment owners thread

    It's unusual for us to be in Tenerife at this very hot time but we have just spent two weeks in Llano del Camello and friends joined us which was lively and fun. The only thing is that we don't get around to meeting up with the many people known through TF and Facebook because our friends all love to stay there; one day I'll have that dream party and invite you all!
    We have been coming and going to Llano del Camello for ten years now and enjoy being recognised by the residents. Little catch-up conversations take place by the lift and stairs, in the pool or in the road by the cars!
    The first week we tried to get to the beach in El Medano around 9:00p.m. for the Fires of San Juan BUT the queues edging down to the town from the motorway meant we had to give up. We car-crawled along to the furthest end but nowhere could we find a parking space despite being willing to walk quite a way. So, saving that for another year and going early to a lesser-known beach.
    At this time of year the heat means that I didn't choose the usual plant for the balcony table as it would have withered very quickly even with frequent watering. I missed that visit to the garden centre the first day (our tradition) but took our friends there later and they loved the huge flowers and different things which you can grow in the Tenerife climate. As the plane flew into TFS the land looked so yellow and dry. But the oleander bushes were glorious and in full bloom as were the fantastic scarlet Poinciana trees. I usually paint canvases while in Tenerife but the mixed paint was drying too fast so I abandoned my latest project and just enjoyed swimming in the silken water during every free moment. How I miss all that now we're back in England!
    Still don't know what the building will be next to the Dorada warehouse; I think it's a case of 'wait and see'. Other mystery buildings in the area are the huge one next to 'The Lamb' and the one being built on Amarilla Golf. The road/pipeworks from Las Chafiras to San Blas are causing major diversions when returning to the TF1; they may be some time...
    The bar below El Faro is within walking distance for us (at last!) so we had some evening drinks in really friendly company and the landlord introduced new matching and comfortable tables and chairs. We understand bits of Spanish/Canarian and try to speak it and it was great to communicate showing that Brexit has not lessened our relationship!

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    Re: Las Chafiras & Llano de Camello apartment owners thread

    Good Morning all
    And what a great Thread.
    We bought recently in Las Chafiras ,a two bed apt, but haven't stayed there yet.
    Mainly because it had no furniture when I took it over ,or no connection of water or electric.
    Notary was on 22nd Apr and they still haven't connected me. Apparently San Miguel council has to authorise planning permission to install a water metre (seriously)
    I look forward so much to furnishing it and moving in. Eventually to move there permanently?
    Anyway I pop over on Wed for a few days . Maybe ,if somebody if a loose end later this week perhaps you could let me buy you a drink and I hear your impressions of living there?

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    Re: Las Chafiras & Llano de Camello apartment owners thread

    Hi Bren,
    Sorry we weren't there and I haven't seen your post until now. Wish more people would contribute to this site. I hope that water meter has been installed and that you have moved in or are at least furnished.
    A very friendly bar to meet the locals is El Faro. Café Tolcan does great lunches as well as Amigos and evening meals.
    Hope all is well and that you have good neighbours! Best wishes for your new home.

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    Re: Las Chafiras & Llano de Camello apartment owners thread

    Hi Margaretta
    Thanks for your reply.
    Still haven't had water or electric connected .the electric metre is there ,both services are in the building so it should be a simple enough matter of connecting up.
    But after more than four months ,still nothing. Luckily we didn't sell /rent out our house here with intention to move there immediately.
    The lawyer who represented me at Notario has been on to them but to no avail.
    As for good neighbours ,that's another story, you wouldn't believe it if i told you.
    I assume we'll get there some day.

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    Re: Las Chafiras & Llano de Camello apartment owners thread

    Hello again Bren111!
    Shocked that you are still waiting for utilities; seems very odd indeed.
    Hopefully you are there by now. Do pm me and let me know whereabouts you are moving in case I can help in any way. Neighbours sound intriguing.....
    Very best wishes.

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    Re: Las Chafiras & Llano de Camello apartment owners thread

    Intriguing is hardly the word I would use Margaretta.
    Old couple living downstairs ,guy reckons he's El Presedente ,but he's not. Anyway about a month after taking over I asked somebody to pop in and check up on apartment .They couldn't get in ;locks changed in both main door and mine .
    He denied it but admitted to changing lock on main door.
    There are only six apts in block ,he and family own two . I see trouble ahead

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    Re: Las Chafiras & Llano de Camello apartment owners thread

    I have just read this! How extraordinary and yes, worrying. I suppose lots of photos and a good lawyer will help. Maybe it will be resolved when you are in residence and can find out a lot more?

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    Re: Las Chafiras & Llano de Camello apartment owners thread

    We have just purchased an apartment in Llano de Camello. Our first visit won't be for a couple of months due to work and children at school. But can't wait to get there.
    Have read through this thread and found some interesting (albeit from a few years ago) info. Would love some uptodate details of things going on in and around the area.

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