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Thread: Las Chafiras & Llano de Camello apartment owners thread

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    Re: Las Chafiras & Llano de Camello apartment owners thread

    Just to update you Margaretta ,now they say it may be connected in the next three weeks

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    Hi Iannik , I see you have bought north of TF1 ,I am south .
    Not very familiar with las Chafiras though I owned in LA for about ten years.
    Keep in touch

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    Re: Las Chafiras & Llano de Camello apartment owners thread

    Bren 111, hope all is well!
    We are just back from two and a half weeks in Tenerife and it has been exceptionally hot! We didn't go far as hubby has a knee and leg problem at the moment. It is still a luxury to swim in a pool in the sunshine in October and horrid to come back to the grey sky, cold and thick mist.
    This is the time for bougainvillea; it was at its best flowering profusely over walls and fences. We did make it to Vilaflor one day; the usual California poppies were not blooming at this time but the terraces were white with what looked like snow! As we approached the village I decided the white was of geraniums ....maybe to be clustered in town squares for the famous 'White Nights' celebrations. "No, they're strawberry flowers!" declared hubby. As we descended from the village we realised that we had both been wrong: they were potato plants in flower.
    I'm really worried about Elfrida and Ermintrude or Eric and Ernie as husband likes to call them. Our two camels are suffering earthworks all around and I'm so hoping they won't be damaged. The clever way in which they are made and how they have brown shadows at night makes them so unique and means that they are very special sculptures and reflect the name of the area and the history of how crops were transported from San Miguel and villages on the mountains to the coastal markets. We are not sure but it looks like they will be at the centre of a new roundabout between the San Miguel Road and our avenue. The road may filter away from there straight onto the TF1 thereby lessening the queues onto the Chafiras roundabouts but it's confusing at the moment. Problems will arise. If there is a new roundabout there will only be two camels! For the Christmas scene we need another: Eduardo or Esmeralda. Gotta have THREE camels!
    As we arrived on the estate from the airport we were excited to see new signs on various buildings, finished and unfinished. Then our proposed supermarket by the avenue had a huge new sign: 'En Venta'. Did it mean something different to the usual 'Se Vende?' I wondered whether it meant 'In the process of being sold', I hoped anyway. Put the question on 'General Tenerife Chat' here and found that it was the posh way of saying 'Se vende.' Very disappointing but with the new roundabout? alongside maybe someone will see that the foundations and basic structure is in place, the metal needs to be shotblasted but while in situ and we could soon have our shopping complex for the growing village.
    We need a Mayor to fight for us. Some of the scrubland could be tidied and made into simple walking and recreation areas until sold for development. A group of children have taken all manner of things to the centre of one parcel and are involved in creative play for hours. Better and healthier to be outside and imaginative than indoors on the computer like me!
    When, oh when will the formal park be opened? Why are the final bits and pieces taking sooooo long? The plants there are maturing wonderfully as are those on the avenue.
    The new garage...Oceanus? is doing a brisk trade, in the cafeteria also. I don't think the new one being built on the other side of the San Miguel Road will offer much competition. More building is happening down near the boot fair area....naves? I so wish they would complete the buildings left during the recession before starting new but hubby thinks smaller warehouses are the way to go. Some of the huge ones would be too expensive to rent.
    It's never dull in Llano del Camello.

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    Re: Las Chafiras & Llano de Camello apartment owners thread

    The making of the camels roundabout is causing long, frustrating queues at the moment. Our camels are safe but as the roundabout is much enlarged will we get a third? Intrigued by the large bones of a warehouse over tall tanks behind the Dorada storehouse. Do they contain Dorada and can anyone turn on the taps?
    Still no further progress with the park below Biltmore. The plants are maturing attractively and there are paths. Surely it only needs a little more work for completion and opening? There is a lot of building activity behind the boot fair area and it looks like another warehouse. There seems to be less dog mess...are more people using bags to collect the evidence? That's a good thing and great if everyone does that. We noticed this time that the incessantly barking dogs were no more; maybe communities had at last taken action. One expects dogs to bark, but all day on the balcony is too, too much and very cruel.
    What is Radio Decibelios? We couldn't access it with our car radio. Is it local? There is a huge advert along the avenue.
    The bar below the lighthouse, El Faro, is very friendly and seems to be doing a variety of tasty tapas daily. Hubby was delighted that they had English football last week. Wish there was a lift back up the hill.
    There is not a lot to report this time. The avenida is well used for exercise by all kinds of people and people are generally very friendly and chatty when you wander around. Llano del Camello is a thriving community and happy place to live and holiday.

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    Re: Las Chafiras & Llano de Camello apartment owners thread

    A quick update on our situation
    I went over just before Christmas and within a few days had water and electric connected.
    I will go again next week and begin to furnish it
    It wasn't much fun spending Xmas sleeping on a folding bed with no other furniture

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    Re: Las Chafiras & Llano de Camello apartment owners thread

    Oh dear Bren111! Not even a Christmas tree? I do hope that you enjoy furnishing your apartment. It will all be worth it in the end. Best wishes for your new home.

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    Re: Las Chafiras & Llano de Camello apartment owners thread

    Just a brief update for ppl in the LLano del Camello area, the local council have just started working on the walkways in front of El Faro, The plan is to finish paving the area around the exercise equipment. there may also be a move on the park as I saw two men in there on Thursday with some surveying equipment and they spent quite some time in there taking readings and checking levels so hopefully some additional work will be done shortly. I can't understand why they don't work around the clock to finish the roundabout they don't even work weekends on it, it should be at least a seven day a week job to finish it off.

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    Re: Las Chafiras & Llano de Camello apartment owners thread

    Thanks Margaretta , we got it all sorted eventually - except a fridge ,I'll get that on the next trip

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    Re: Las Chafiras & Llano de Camello apartment owners thread

    Some new developments in the area, more work has started in the park in front of Biltmore, a JCB is currently moving all the rock from the lower RHS of the park and infilling with topsoil. There is a new concrete area on the central walkway opposite the padel court with ramps for wheelchair access, there is also one, further down opposite the market area.Work appears to be starting on the site behind the semi built shopping centre, there is a large JCB on site clearing away rubble. Interesting developments for our up and coming little area.

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    Re: Las Chafiras & Llano de Camello apartment owners thread

    Wow, thank you ddoyle! Just back in the UK and sad to be so. I still have one of your excellent books and must return it. We have tried to meet up again a few times but either you were away or we had friends staying. We'll try again soon.
    Yes, the paths need work in the park and on the avenue but there are good signs..... We didn't know about that rough area behind the abandoned supermarket building. That's intriguing.
    We just can't see that the new roundabout will really help the traffic when it's finished as there will still be blockages at the two smaller roundabouts in Las Chafiras. We'll wait and see!

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    Re: Las Chafiras & Llano de Camello apartment owners thread

    Hi Margaretta, it has been some time since our paths crossed, we are becoming swallows as we seem to spend as much time back home as we do here this past coupe of years. I have just returned from my latest trip home, the park is looking very lovely with lots of landscaping going on and lots of new trees and shrubs planted in the past couple of weeks.The road works continue and seem to extend right down to the roundabout at Las Chafiras the area will look very nice when all the remedial works are finished, Helen goes home for an extended visit soon we just can't get enough of our new grandson, he is a major pull factor in our decision to relocate back home which we will do later in the year. I trust both of you are keeping well and it would be nice to share a glass of wine with you if possible before we go home.
    regards David.

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