[QUOTE=BoPeep;145858]I would love to take the dog we found roaming back to the UK for the summer and then over here every winter but there are no dog flights to East Midlands only Manchester and they cost a fortune.

Best flight seems to be Monarch but they fly in at 00.30 ish so how will we get the dog when 'Pets on Jets' is closed? Yet another cost for them to stay open for us I guess!

Hi this is one of the many loopholes that owners fall into, until its too late.
Their are only 8 flights p/m that u can catch, to avoid the out of hours charges.
I use Monarch and Thompsons alike,depending on the circumstances of the animal.

They only go to Manchester of LGW, so Manchester being the closest.
If u need the help get in touch with me, and will quote you everything needed.
Please note flight to Manchester 545 sterling, one of the cheapest around, if its just a cat
or cats then 450 pounds sterling, get in touch for more details .....

Nath, yes I am so pleased now about the new law, again if u need help to arrange, this is what
I do, so get in touch via p/m ......