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Thread: Where can I hire a transit van in south Tenerife?

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    Where can I hire a transit van in south Tenerife?

    Can anyone suggest a place where I can hire a transit van for the weekend please?
    We are moving properties soon and have some items which I cant move in my car but I dont want to get ripped off hiring someone to move it. I just want to hire the van.

    Many thanks


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    Re: Van rental

    There is place in Guaza, think it called Juango or similar, 69 euros for the day for a van similar to a transit. It's on the opposite side to the ferateria just up a bit.

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    Re: Van rental

    Member Andy0210 does a removal service that quite honestly gives the van hire companies a run for their money. You can pay the €140 approx for the weekend hire only with the companies like Jocar or Andy does a hourly rate and all the lifting for what probably works out a lot less.
    I know you asked for hire only but I though it would be worth mentioning
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    Re: Where can I hire a transit van in south Tenerife?

    Pm me if i can help.
    Thanks Tony
    Man and Van Service, Single items to Full house Removals. Best prices and Best Service
    Furniture and Household Items Bought and Sold.
    Full house clearances urgently wanted

    PM me for more info

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