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Thread: Where should I visit whilst I have my hire car in Tenerife?

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    Where should I visit whilst I have my hire car in Tenerife?

    Currently in Costa Adeje. Have a car for three days so doing Loro Parque tomorrow.

    Where else is worth a visit. Have a 5 month old so easy parking etc useful. Is Los Gigantes worth a visit?

    Also want to drive up to the Teide National Park, probably in the evening when the sun has lost some of its strength. Where should be heading to? - looking for some amazing views and to watch the sunset.


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    Re: Based in Costa Adeje. Car for a couple of days

    I would say a trip to El Medano is definitely worth a visit. It's along the expressway and just past the turn off for Tenerife Sur airport so not far to travel.

    There's a lovely natural beach, sand not rocky, and never a problem with parking.There's a long promenade walk with lots of sea front places to eat and its all on the flat.

    Los Gigantes is spectacular with amazing cliffs but we never seem able to park anywhere convenient and if you're going down to the harbour it can be quite a steep climb back up the hill , not great if its hot and you've a five-month old with you!

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    Re: Where should I visit whilst I have my hire car in Tenerife?

    Many thanks for your post.

    We visited both Los Gigantes (parked and paid at the Harbour car park) and El Medano.

    A big thumbs up for Autoriesen who came recommended on this forum, exceptional value. We collected our car for the Fanabe shopping centre from Orcar, although could have done weith something with a bit more oomph for the drive up Teide!

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