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Thread: Bibo, San Blas, Golf del Sur

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    Bibo, San Blas, Golf del Sur

    Has anyone tried Bibo yet on San Blas Golf Del Sur?

    The food is amazing and very well priced, for instance the fantastic Goat curry is just €6.95 and drinks are reasonable at €1.95 for a large beer. Ive also tried the chilli Salmon, and will be going back to sample Jerk chicken soon.

    Its only been open 3 weeks, so word may not have got round yet, but this is seriously good food and well worth a try.

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    Re: Bibo, San Blas, Golf del Sur

    that sounds nice but doesnt the goat taste i know this probably sounds crazy but goaty!!! its just i tasteed goats cheese and had a sip of some goats milk and i was ready to heave because it tasted like goat.... apart from that sounds good value....

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    Re: Bibo, San Blas, Golf del Sur

    lol, no goat meat does not have the earthy taste of goat cheese, its sort of sweet like a cross between lamb and pork, really good. Unlike many of the touristy restaurants on San Blas, this is real home cooked soul food. Its just a really small restaurant with seating outside only run by one guy, situated near The Great Wall chinese and opposite Harrys shop.

    If your not brave enough to try goat curry, the guy there does a really good chilli that bites back! and the chilli salmon was just delicious but not too spicy. I would go there for lunch but i dont think he opens till 5pm, and is shut on Mondays, so Ihave to wait till tomorrow to try the jerk chicken.

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