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Thread: Have you seen an Injured dog at Mare Verde

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    Have you seen an Injured dog at Mare Verde

    Does anyone know of a yorkie type dog with a poorly front leg roaming outside the Mare Verde complex, its hiding in some bushes, and may have been hit by a car, have you seen it. Im going to look for it , but need to know what area, ...its a big complex, thanks

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    This is the little yorkie type dog that is living in a ditch at Mare Verde, I have been up tonight but it is terrified and i could not catch it because it got too dark.

    Do you recognise this dog, it is not injured but has its front leg caught in its collar, it has a pink collar with a bell, so hopefully it is lost and not abandoned...please share this information
    I am meeting Sharon from cats welfare tomorrow with a trap and we shall hopefully catch it. x

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    Re: Have you seen an Injured dog at Mare Verde

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    Little Penny Poppet was caught yesterday, after a failed attempt by myself and Sharon from cats welfare in the morning, some Live Arico Shop customers, that help the RSPCA in the UK, went up there and added dog catching to their holiday agenda, with great success.
    She got the all clear from the vet, and is living with me until a home can be found for her.

    She looks like a Yorkie Pekingese cross, and is about one year old, quite timid but like playing with a ball and having cuddles, she gets on with dogs and cats and has a killer smile. She weighs 4 kg but should be about 6kg.

    She was not chipped, so if anyone knows of someone who would like a little companion dog please get in touch with me. My number is 630857626.
    Many thanks to Cats Welfare for their help and the lift to the vets, and especially to Diane, Lisa, Francie and Gemma from Mare Verde xxx

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