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Thread: Tenerife -work situation

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    Tenerife -work situation

    Hi, I'm looking at visiting Tenerife soon, with a possible view to live there, and was wondering what the work situation is like there.
    I'm a soft furnisher by trade, manufacturing curtains, blinds, bedding and so on, and wondered whether there would be any call
    such like in Tenerife. Also, is it difficult to set up your own business there. Where would be a good spot to start looking?
    I would appreciate any feedback!!

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    Re: Tenerife -work situation

    Welcome to the forum Sharon.

    Spain has something like 30% unemployment - so you would be completing with those already here.

    As a legal business, your monthly 'social' outgoings are a crippling 300 euros or so (before bills etc) - regardless of whether you have any business.

    Enjoy your holiday.
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    Re: Tenerife -work situation

    Just a idea maybe for admin.
    All new posters who are asking for work, to guide them to posts relevant to the dire work situation in tenerife today.

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