Hi everyone, I am looking for full time work weather it is in england or here, obviously I would prefer it to be in
Tenerife, but i know how hard it is to get a job these days they tend to be very scarce and get snapped
up quick.
Don't really know the best way to go about it other than the forum on here, or book a short trip and ask around,
I have a part time job here in a factory and don't wanna give it up for seasonal work need something
more perminent.
24 female, with 5 years retail experience, catering experince, also want to do my beauty therapy once have full
time work, going to do a make up course so ideal job would be either fragrance shop, receptionist of beauty salon
which think would help me alot or somewhere like a debenhams beauty department, but would also try my hand at bar
work although I have no experince, and I am keen to learn spanish!
If anybody can help me be much apprieciated or if you know somebody who may need a helping hand
Thankyou xx