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Thread: Tenerife Forum WWE wrestling thread

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    Thank you Henry for keeping me up to date with whats going on In WWE really lost touch in the last 5 weeks

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    Regarding Zack Ryder's United States Title shot against Dolph Ziggler at Survivor Series, WWE still hasn't added it to the card on their website and they are still promoting Ryder's petition to John Laurinaitis for a title shot.

    There is still no mention on WWE's website of Ryder's title shot being confirmed and Ryder was asking fans last night on Twitter to keep signing the petition.

    Regarding The Undertaker's return, nobody within WWE expects him to be back in action before WrestleMania 28. Taker still isn't 100% confirmed for WrestleMania but if he does return, expect him to be back in early 2012 to set up a feud for the big event in April.

    Current plans have Kane returning at the Royal Rumble but he could be brought back earlier.

    WWE is building towards a feud between Natalya and Beth Phoenix over the Divas Title.

    Mexican mini wrestler Mascarita Dorado, who is one of the best right now, was told he would be offered a WWE contract after a strong performance at the tryouts in Mexico City last month. Several other lucha stars were expected to be offered contracts. They won't be coming in any time soon as there are visa issues to take care of, among other things.

    As noted before, Averno is expected to arrive soon.

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