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Thread: Latest CD Tenerife news

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    Latest CD Tenerife news

    Not much been put on here recently so I will try and start the ball rolling with the latest news from the club.
    The team has suffered a blip recently with a suprising two straight defeats but despite that we still remian at the top of the league. Must admit we have been lucky as our main rivals have failed to catch up, so it is more or less as you were. League table with 10 games remaining;

    We have the better head to head goal differance over Leganes so the gap is 6 points in reality. Remember the league winners still have to play a final play-off against another group winner. Win and you are UP! If you lose you go back into the play-offs, so it gives you a much better to chance of promotion to win the league.

    Other news is that the clubs financial problems have come to head (debt still hanging around from the nineties) and there is a good chance that the club will fall into administration soon. More will be found out in the coming days when President Concepcion addresses the media in a very important day for the future of the club.

    There is no chance that these problems will affect directly our promotion push (no points deduction etc) and importantly all wages can be paid until the end of the season due to the payment of sponsorship owed by the tourist board (from 2010/2011 season). Better late than never.

    So, with 10 games to go things look very encouraging for the blanquiazules despite recent scores.

    Away days with Fan Club Armada Sur were dealt a blow after the terrible return flight we endured recently from Madrid. I can´t see myself flying again in the near future but some members are going to the big match in Oviedo at the end of April. I will have to see if I can rally myself for the play-offs!

    It´s getting very interesting now and the "buzz" has started towards a possible promotion. But we all know there will be highs and lows before the end. Venga! Vamos!

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    Re: Latest CD Tenerife news

    well done Tenerife super congrats looking forwad to next year,.

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    Re: Latest CD Tenerife news

    What is the main website of CD Marino or Facebook account. Do the club has any?

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