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    New owner

    We (my partner Ann and I) are in the process of purchasing an Apartment in the Aguamarina complex in golf del Sur. the apartment is in need of completion ie there is no water heater cooker etc, and no furniture.
    we will have to replace all the taps as they have corroded.
    As we are coming out to complete on the 2nd Sept and are only there for a fortnight, does anyone have any tips on where to go to get the best furniture bargains etc. Also, we were told it could take 15 days to have the electricity connected. Is there any way of speeding up this process? Can anyone recommend plumbers electricians etc for help with connecting things up? Also any recommendations for the best way to access English tv?

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    Re: New owner

    Good luck with your new purchase! You will find everything you need at the stores at las Chafiras, furniture, electricals, beds etc if you don't want to go all over the place. Most places deliver free of charge and in my experience usually same day or the next.

    I'm sure someone else will be able advise on the electric connection and tv, but do you not have a community office who can help?
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    Re: New owner

    High I moved here just over 2 months ago ran my own Electrical company back in the UK so depends on what needs doing I may be able to help you out.Regards TV I use Film On its free as long as you have internet.Good luck with the move

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