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Thread: 2 great restaurants in El Medano

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    2 great restaurants in El Medano

    If anyone is visiting El Medano be sure to try these 2 restaurants....

    EL OLIVO - which can be found just off the Plaza, on the left, down a few steps by the children's play area.
    Fresh tasty food. Good choice and nicely presented. Very reasonable prices and extensive menu.
    Friendly staff and clean environment. Eat inside or out.

    HONG KONG CHINESE RESTAURANT - Just along from the Hotel.
    Everything good. friendly staff. Eat inside or out.

    Hope this helps someone.

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    Re: Great Restaurants in El Medano

    Thanks for the info will be visiting El Medano when we return in a couple of weeks love the feel of the place.
    Can anyone remind what days the market is on in the town.

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    Re: 2 great restaurants in El Medano

    theslaters: i don't think anyone answered your question. The general market seems to be on the red pplaza now and is always on Saturday morning. There are fruit and vegertable markets during the week and there is a huge sign saying when facing the sea by the main plaza.

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    Re: 2 great restaurants in El Medano

    Saturday market back in main plaza at moment 10till2. Veg on weds 8till2

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