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Thread: Looking for a job in Tenerife south :)

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    Looking for a job in Tenerife south :)

    Hello to all of you!
    I am writting this post as I am in Tenerife already a month and canīt find any job. Went to so many hotels and restuarants and all I got was a trial in one of them where a guy let me go after one night saying I donīt have experince. ( I have waitressed for several years in London)
    I have experince in reception, waitressing, cleaning, and as a shop assistant. My spanish is intermidiate, my english fluent.
    Please if anyone knows anything let me know Maybe I will be able to help one of you at some point too.
    I came here to lead a happy life and I wonīt give up my hope but at this point I need some help from others...
    Thank you a lot

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    Re: PLEASE HELP ME: How can I find any jobs in Tenerife??

    Hope you get some luck, if you have internet access, try all the online website, turijobs, infojobs, emplea etc etc you have to fill in the CV's online, it's a pain and time consuming, but you just have to persist.

    It took me several months to find a job (and i've lived here for 22 years) and in the end I got a job only because an ex colleague recommended me to a shop owner (thankfully).

    It took my husband (who is Spanish and also speaks English, German, French, and has recently taught himself the basics of Russian and Finnish) NINE MONTHS to get a job, and he has 20 years of being a supervisor in bars over here. In the end it wasn't even a Spanish company that employed him. He has even been looking to go overseas, as things looked that bad. Typically, as soon as he got a job, he's had various calls/emails to attend interviews. Just like the TITSA busses over here, you wait hours for one and 3 turn up at once

    Good luck... you just have to either keep trying, or come back another year when things have improved.
    [MENTION=216]Malteser Monkey[/MENTION] ... this is another reason I hadn't been on computer as much, other half has finally become a modern man and learnt how to use the computer, he is no longer computer illiterate - he even did an online interview where he had to download a programme and record his interview ... IN ENGLISH NO LESS (PMSL which I would have loved to see, I bet it was hilarious), and send it off to the company - he didn't get that job hahahahaha....

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    Re: PLEASE HELP ME: How can I find any jobs in Tenerife??

    I have moved yor thread to Jobs wanted and altered the title

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    Re: Looking for a job in Tenerife south :)


    thanks hun

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    Re: Looking for a job in Tenerife south :)

    thank you for the advice!

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    Job wanted: Waitress, receptionist, cleaner, shop assistant, sales

    My name is Eli. I am looking for work as a shop assistant, waitress, cleaner or in sales.
    I have wide experince in hospitality, customer service and some in sales. I am duty orientated, energetic girl, able to build good long term relations with customers.
    Please send me a message if you need me to send you my CV.
    Thank you!

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