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Thread: Advice wanted about employment possibilities if I move to Tenerife

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    Advice wanted about employment possibilities if I move to Tenerife

    Hi, firstly allow me to say, what a really great and helpful forum this is. And most people seem to know something about something or someone with something which is great.

    Right, here is my query / question.
    I have been to teneriffe a few times now and like most others on here have really grown to love the place and people that inhabit the island. I have been seriously thinking about moving abroad to live and work and I keep getting drawn back to here. My background is I am currently an asset mechanical engineer working in a factory in the uk. Have a lot of involvement with aloe Vera lotion in the products we manufacture but I'm very qualified and have a lot of experience in mechanical systems and fault finding etc, which allows me to adapt my hand to most systems.

    My other strength is that I am a semi pro magician able of entertaining kids from 4 yrs upwards to adults, ranging from kids shows, parties, games, balloons to close up table magic, parlour magic and comedy stand up shows, weddings and corporate events. I recieved a little intrest last week when i was there from a couple of reps that work in hotels, saying that i could do well in some of the hotels, but not sure if it was just something they say, or not.

    Therefore I was just wondering if anyone had any advice or knows if there are possible vacancys in either of the fields which I have skills in. I notice a lot of people on here ask for bar work or rep work etc, but not what i am asking for, unless they use that in order to get a foot in the door till something better comes up. either way.

    Reading other posts I also notice that some of the pay isnt that great, but again these seam to be for the bar work etc, and therefore wondered if anyone knows rough pay for other jobs. I'm not massivly bothered about the pay too much as its a different lifestyle people go for, but still, youve got to eat! hehe.

    anyway, sorry if this seams a long message but just wondered if anyone kew something.

    Thanks for anyones time in reading this and any help which may be posted.

    Kind regards,


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