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Thread: 2 Kittens Abandoned In Private apartment

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    Unhappy 2 Kittens Abandoned In Private apartment

    Good afternoon everyone

    I am hoping someone can help me.

    I was renting my apartment to someone who had supposedly lost their job, wife and home in Tenerife and they cried poor tale saying they would do some work in my apartment for me if I would let him stay rent free he would do the jobs and pay the bills. I said ok as he was a good friend of a friend (who ive now learned has ripped me off to) the good friend said he had asked her to ask me if he could have a cat I said no as I am allergic and its not fair on anyone who was wanting to stay in the apartment. Ok I was told.

    I had 2 guests booked for this week to stay in apartment when they arrived they found 2 kittens that hadn't been fed for a while and also the apartment in a state and no work been done even tho id sent over £500 to cover a new bath room set anyway I digress the two guests spoke to me very concerned I ave tried to get hold of the man staying in the apartment and the so called friend who both (unsurprisingly wont answer calls texts whatsapp facebook etc) so the 2 guest have had to buy cat food biscuits litter etc whilst trying to locate the chap but to no avail they guest fly back tomorrow evening and I need these kittens out of my apartment I have tried various cat charities in Tenerife but to no avail I don't just want to tell the guests to "Throw" the cats out of the apartment and let them fend for themselves as they are quite young cats I don't really know what to do could anyone please please help on the re homing of the kittens or any advice would be gratefully received.

    (also anyone know of anyone who wont rip me off and clean the apartment and not steal items off me or break things)

    Love and happiness Claire xxx

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    Re: 2 Kittens Abandoned In Private apartment

    Sharon at cats welfare tenerife 662 524 006

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    Re: 2 Kittens Abandoned In Private apartment

    Hi Claire, where is the apartment (for cleaning purposes) ?
    I started out with nothing, and I still have most of it left...

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