Hi, I'm looking for an apartment to rent long term in Los Christianos.

I will be working shifts in london and travelling out for 4 day trips twice a month with a 12 day trip every 6 weeks.

There isn't anything in london that interests me any more. I would rather not waste money on doing things I don't enjoy and then visit Tenerife to spend my money that will have twice the buying power.

I have previously lived in Los Christianos for a year in Port Royale.. And I visited 6 times last year. I've decided to rent per month instead of running the gauntlet with apartments on homeaway.co.uk.

What i want...In order of importance

Nice decor and furniture
Decent double bed
Good sofa that doesn't have wooden arms
Internet in the apartment - I will pay
UK sky sports

I don't need a pool, I will be at the beach. If you haven't got any of the above please chat to me about it.

I know many apartment blocks do not allow people to rent their apartments out. I will be a relative if need be.

I'm well mannered, considerate and polite. The apartment will be looked after, clean and there will not be any noise or fuss. If there is anything that needs fixing I will try to do it myself. I don't pull cupboard doors of like many tenants. I have rented out a 6 bedroom place myself and i know how people are.

If someone out there can give me a good deal i will look after their place for them and they can get some cash in the bank. I have heard what a nightmare the locals are.

If you would like to speak to me then please get in contact asap as I need to make a plan asap.

If you have rented the apartment to people up until march i can give you my travel dates and we can see what we can arrange until it becomes free. I'm very reasonable and flexible.

my email is paul . roche @ g mail . com