Space-saving body workout for the home
Fitness set for strengthening arm, stomach, and back muscles
Added safety bars for securely attaching exercise bands
Easy installation – variable length adjustment for door frames 72cm to 98cm wide
End caps are screwed into the door frame for a secure installation (mounting materials included)
Sturdy, high-quality steel construction
Non-slip grips made from soft EVA foam
Includes instructions for use with exercise examples
Dimensions: bar: extends from 72-98cm; resistance bands: length (with handle): approx. 65cm
Door size: max. 98cm
Capacity: max. 100kg
Observe warnings in the enclosed instructions.
This product is only suitable for mounting in sturdy door frames. Door frames should be solid wood. Door frames must not give and should be mounted to concrete or brick walls.
This product is a sporting product, however it is not suitable for professional training and gymnastics. It is not suitable for children under age 14, as children are unable to assess potential risks.
Only use this product with safety caps screwed in (included).
Upper body
Arms and chest
Knees and hips

New and unused Please PM me if interested Thank you Rick