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Thread: I'm looking for a job in South Tenerife

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    I'm looking for a job in South Tenerife

    hello, my name is Leo, i have 26 years old, and im looking for a job here, preferably in the South of the island
    I'm educated, well-mannered, good attendance, good talk and good dressing, responsible, sincere and very honest, friendly and Nice, looking for work in the area, i have experience in different things, I need to work to earn an income of money, so i'm not picky about the work, I can do like personal assistant, cleaning and all the household tasks , Garden, i'm cook very good, kids care, dogs walking, some house repairs, painting walls, i speak spanish and english, i also can teach languaje, music, and some instruments..... so if you have a vacancy please contact me. for here or PM... thank you for read

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    Re: im looking for a job

    Would you be able to elaborate on the statement ' I have experience in different things' ?

    Thank you.
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