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Thread: IT contractor moving to Tenerife

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    IT contractor moving to Tenerife

    Hi there! :-)

    I'm an IT contractor in Eastern Europe and I currently have a limited company through which I perform work (remotely) for clients elsewhere in Europe.

    I'm thinking about moving to Tenerife and would like to make contact with other IT professionals in Tenerife, such as:

    1) People who live in Tenerife but work remotely to other places in Europe
    2) People who live in Tenerife but spend part of the year working in other places in Europe (e.g. doing IT contracts in business hubs like London)

    I'd like to discuss matters such as company setup, taxation and internet availability/quality.

    I'd be so grateful for anyone making contact! It'd help put my mind to rest about a range of issues.

    Best regards.

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    Re: IT contractor moving to Tenerife

    Hmm, silence. That probably means there is no one with the information you need who is a member of the forum. Or they don't want any competition. Have a look at for information about company setup, tax and other legal requirements. It's aimed at Brits but if you are EU national it should still apply. High speed Fibre Optic connectivity up to 300Mb is available, but not everywhere. You are more likely to get this in larger population centres. Telefonica Movistar more or less have a monopoly on providing the infrastructure but other companies offer products using their network. Movistar have a page on their site which allows you find out what is available in your area but I guess you don't have anywhere to live at the moment.
    I'm sure there are people on the island working remotely, you might be better off having a look at LinkdIn to see if you can find anyone out here.
    Hope this helps.

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    Re: IT contractor moving to Tenerife

    Thanks! :-)

    Would you say the company is trustworthy for helping out with expat affairs on a professional basis, or were you only referring me to the text on that page as informative/useful?

    I got a shock the other day when I called a coworking space (maybe the only one) in Puerto de la Cruz and they told me they only got 300 'megas' 3 weeks ago! And that before then the internet was 'terrible'. :-) When I arrive I'll have to have pre-booked an apartment which definitely has 300 megas, so that then I can look around at leisure for somewhere more permanent.

    LinkedIn was a great suggestion, thanks! I found a 2nd degree connection Russian expat who works in Tenerife remotely for a company in Hamburg. I'll request a connection with him!

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    Re: IT contractor moving to Tenerife

    I have never personally used any of Diana's services. The information is very useful by itself but I think other here may have used her devices and may offer a recommendation.

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