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Thread: Autism support in Tenerife

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    Autism support in Tenerife

    Are their any families in Tenerife south with children on the autistic spectrum? I would be interested in hearing from any families that have had issues with this. There doesn't seem to be a lot of autism awareness or support in Tenerife.
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    Re: Autism support

    We are looking to relocate next year if not sooner. I have read that this is an issue aswell. I have mailed schools to find out if there are any positions to work with kids on the spectrum if not I may setup something on my own.

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    Re: Autism support in Tenerife

    Good time to all) I've join the Forum in view of me with my family looking for an opportunities to move to Tenerife, interest I in real estate property to buy (private bungalow, house probably). Son 18years old is an autist, almost non verbal, but very quite and loves warm climate, water... So we have to start at first with special school ' location as it will be basic factor for our location

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    Re: Autism support in Tenerife

    Hi Gennadiy, welcome to the forum Good luck in finding what you want in Tenerife.

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