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Thread: I'm raising money for Professional Bows for Musicians Violin Viola Cello Doublebass

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    I'm raising money for Professional Bows for Musicians Violin Viola Cello Doublebass

    Leo Salazar is a very recognized venezuelan Luthier, Violin Maker, Bow Maker and Restorer and for this oportuny our atelier have a huge proyect on hands “The United Bows”.

    It is well-known that for a musician in training, the fact to start with an economic instrument and bow, but in the same way, it is known that the same should be replaced by others of better quality when the musician "grows" and develops constantly even when gets to be a professional. Nowadays the problem for players is becoming increasingly more difficult acquiring a good musical instrument or an bow of author, so most should continue their studies with an instrument or a bow of serial production of medium or relative quality, and is not a whim, but rather a necessity; because as time passes the musician becomes acoustically more demanding and a good instrument ensures the successful growth and development of a musician by allowing you to explore and exploit fully their skills, senses and skills.

    Therefore, there are foundations, collectors and institutions that for various reasons have acquired in market a lot of instruments and bows extremately expensives (the top of the best) that then seden on loan for certain periods of time to musicians of exceptional talent.

    It is a sadness when talented musicians cannot move forward and continue its development when his own instrument already not can give more and do not have the money to buy one better... just very few which have the luck and means to acquire a good instrument or bow that could help them to develop and achieve your personal success and for this reason , we have devised this small project.

    This project is based on manufacture completely handmade with top quality materials by the luthier Leo Salazar; 20 professional and luxury bows, that will be part of the Special Edition "The United Bows"

    In the picture two bows handmade by Me

    The project has been designed under many requests from musicians around the world, recognized and professional students who have expressed their concern and necessity with regard to the difficulty of access to a musical instrument or bow of excellent quality according to their levels since they do not have the monetary means to afford them.

    Many of these musicians come from countries in conflict, have an enormous talent and studied at conservatories and music schools thanks to scholarships and be beneficiaries of political asylum and which still find it more difficult to fulfill his dream. would be a pleasure for our atelier if with this proyect we somehow help and give them a little more happiness, but for this is necessary the help of all of you too.

    The money raised will be earmarked for the payment of the first quality materials for the manufacture of the bows; among them: wood, leather, metals (Silver-Gold) silk, management, handling, packing, certifications, handmade work, shipments to its future owners among other aspects.

    These high quality bows. will be directed to musicians who are in development, and which of course we will have preference for those who do not have the resources to be able to afford their own bow of author, that will help them to fully exploit their skills in the future.

    This Video is of one of my bows of the last year, a special edition doublebass bow (so you can see a little of my work)

    will be distributed among 20 musicians selected from all parts of the world through a contest that will be announced and launched at the end of the same manufacturing and this end, applicants must register online (to advance project we will announcing the rules requirements and conditions as well as the means of participation). And each of them must prepare a video, talking about some of them, their environment, their skill with the instrument, of the because they should be selected and finally a video playing a piece that represents them.

    It's important to note that the participants can apply for the bows without charge and will be sent in due course to their respective owners free of charge.

    Each one of the bows will include a certificate of authenticity signed and stamped by the luthier, and that will include the names, cities and countries of each one of the people who made a donation for that purpose. So all of you can will feel and be part of this.

    For each of the sponsoring people from the contribution more small to the more big we will send them a certificate hand signed and stamped by the luthier next to a beautiful postcard that will made with the bows

    Thank you to all of you for help to make this proyect a reality.

    Please SHARE IT
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    Re: I'm raising money for Professional Bows for Musicians Violin Viola Cello Doubleba

    €18k for 20 bows!? I'd want the whole bloomin' orchestra kitted out for that!

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    Re: I'm raising money for Professional Bows for Musicians Violin Viola Cello Doubleba

    No, we are talking about professional bows for musicians, not about bows for begginers... The profesional bows are only hand made with high quality materials and that is expensive, and in the other hand we have all the operation of shipments and all that and again is expensive..... and that money is not enough for equipped a whole orchestra is impossible.... You don't have idea of how much expensive can be a profesional instrument for a profesional musician

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    Re: I'm raising money for Professional Bows for Musicians Violin Viola Cello Doubleba

    Aye right

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