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Thread: Car LEASE, not hire help please!!

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    Red face Car LEASE, not hire help please!!

    Hi, I'm trying to find a company will do long term (12-24 months) car leasing in Tenerife but no joy.

    In the UK, you can lease a basic car for a 3rd of the price long term than hiring a car in tenerife.

    Surely there are companies in Tenerife that lease long term rather than just renting? The hiring companies seem to be charging way too much in my opinion. 300 Euros for a crappy Citroen Picasso or something along those lines. I can get a decent BMW for the close to this price in the UK on long term lease!!

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    Re: Car LEASE, not hire help please!!

    But you are not in uk now. Maybe a business opportunity for you to start cheap car leasing.

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    Re: Car LEASE, not hire help please!!

    There are a few out there. Usually older cars, 7 or 8 years old rather than new like you'd get in UK. and are two, there are a lot of others out there, but I've used those two and never had any problems.


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    Re: Car LEASE, not hire help please!!

    I was on Bank Sabadell website looking at mortgages, bank accounts etc last night. They had a section called "Autorent" or something similar which appears to be what you're looking for. (24 mths upwards). I remembered reading your post a day or 2 before. I would hope they cover Tenerife.

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