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Thread: Buses to Masca

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    Buses to Masca

    I want to visit Masca tomorrow and want to take the bus from the bus station in PDLA. Looking at the timetables, I need to take route 477 to Los Gigantes then 325 to Santiago del Tiede and then 355 down to Masca. Can anyone advise if the bus from LG arrives at SDT in time to catch the 355 to Masca?. I assume the routes have been timed so this does happen but any advice would be greatly appreciated. Will have two teenagers with me so don't want to be hanging around in SDT for ages waiting for a connection. Many thanks

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    Re: Buses to Masca

    Yes what you plan is feasable but very time consuming! The bus from Los Gigantes to Santiago del Teide leaves at 08.20 in the morning then you have a wait in SDT for the 11.00 bus down to Masca. I haven't checked the return journey. By far the most sensible way would be , yes, take the bus from PDLA to Los Gigantes, walk 100 metres to the taxi rank and enquire the price of a trip to Masca. I live here permanently and have a car so no real idea of taxi fares other than local journies, but I would guess at a one way fare of less than 20 euros. Alternatively walk just 10 metres from the bus stop in Los Gigantes and ask in the excursion shop for advice. A favourite way to see Masca is to taxi from Los G , hike down the Barranca to the sea and then catch a water taxi back to Los G.

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