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    Just had masses of birds flying over us in Los Cris. Know nothing of migrating birds or birds in general. Can anyone help in telling was this migrating birds or just birds deciding to go somewhere else.

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    Some birds do migrate from South Africa to the far north of Scandinavia for the summer in the northern Hemisphere and to all parts of Europe. I suppose flying over the sea they make use of the breezes and stop on the islands of the Archipelago (to rest and feed) which is from Ascension Island, St. Helena, Cape Verde Islands, The Canaries, The Selvege islands, Madeira, Porto Santo, The Azores and on to land. I suppose they set off in Late September/ October to fly back again. Remarkable.

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    Re: Birds

    Thank you so much. Do you know what birds? It was so interesting seeing them all coming over.

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    Possibly swallows and swifts and any birds that we have in the UK in our summer months. Sadly few cuckoos now although they tend to leave the UK in July. Types of gulls also migrate.
    The most noticeable is the Cory Shearwater which appears at dusk and makes that 'whackawhacka' gazoo-like sound. They head for Porto Santo I think. There is a specific species of Cape Verde Shearwater too.
    There are books about Canarian birds and a couple of large signs on the coast in El Medano with bird pictures and descriptions. The wardens of the National Park are very knowledgeable and will even take you on bird-watching jaunts. Hope that helps.

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    Re: Birds

    Wasn't the green parrots around Las Vistas was it?

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    Think they could have been swifts. Thank you all for your help, most appreciated

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