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Thread: Non-residencia certificate renewal

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    Non-residencia certificate renewal

    My wife and I own a home in Tenerife since 2007, and spend aprox 7 months per year (2 visits).
    Our bank charges us €40 per year each for renewal of non-residents certificate.
    We have friends with similar circumstances who do not get charged.
    Has anyone come across this before.

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    Re: Non-residencia certificate renewal

    Almost all non-residents must pay a similar fee at their Spanish bank. Banks must check every two years with the national bank (Banco central) that your residential status has not changed so the fees are for that.

    Once you become a resident the National Police will register it and inform the national bank, so eventually your bank will let you know and then normally you must change your bank account to a non-resident one...

    But banks charge commissions for everything. Even if they say it's commission free they will charge you and call it something else like an "extra service"...

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    Re: Non-residencia certificate renewal

    I think the operative word in your reply is "almost"; I know many people who own properties in Tenerife, and do not have the additional cost of non-residencia certification through their banks. It appears that this cost is yet another scheme for the banks in the Canaries to rip-off customers. I return to the island in the next two weeks, and one of my first actions is to move banks.

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