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Thread: Be careful when buying an apartment

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    Be careful when buying an apartment

    If you plan to buy in Tenerife consider this.
    We bought a repossession in Las Chafiras. Two bedroom,quiet area ,residential,great value and a few mins by cab to airport.Water and Electric meters had been disconnected and we were told that it could take up to 6 weeks to be connected.
    That was on 22nd April.
    It will be 6 months tomorrow since I went to Notary and still haven't been connected.
    The agents' lawyer has been chasing them but to no avail.
    It seems that the Municipality has to sanction it ,or so I'm told.
    Luckily we didn't sell up here in London with the view to moving in
    A camping gas stove and lots of buckets come to mind .
    Thought I'd mention it.

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    Re: Be careful when buying an apartment

    When buying a repossession in Tenerife the meters are always missing. You will have to find somebody who knows how to connect both of them again.
    This means he will need all your paperwork to present to Endesa and the water company. They will do nothing without it. If you can find some old bills in your new place or letterbox keep them as the old client reference will help to connect again. If you have none of the references and cannot find them your repossession will be treated as a new build and you will need additional paperwork for the wiring etc. A good electrician will know what to do and will know people to help him get the meter. You are looking at Euro 600 or more depending on the wiring in your place. It has to be to the latest regulations. Water is easier, you have to find somebody to visit Canaragua with your papers, contract etc and they will install a new meter within a week. Asking agents or lawyers will not help you at all. An additional Euro 300-500 will be charged for the new meters.

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    Re: Be careful when buying an apartment

    Thanks for that

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