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Thread: English bread in North Tenerife

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    English bread in North Tenerife

    I have a question. Is there anywhere that l can buy English type sliced bread. I am coming over to Puerto de la Cruz in Jan for a month and would like to know where to buy it if possible. Before l start getting replies about l should do this or that l would just like to say that l have lived in mainland spain for the last 13 years, am Spanish speaking with a Dominican wife so consider that l have intergrated more than most.....l just cannot find anything that compares to UK type sliced bread for my morning toast.

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    Re: English bread in North Tenerife

    If you can not find any, I did not find any for 2 years, Bar Robin Hood did English breakfast with English toast. Possibly from Iceland in the South of the island. Maybe they have a couple of slices for you.

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    Re: English bread in North Tenerife

    Have a look in the freezer compartments in Hiperdino, they used to have it there.. Also Tony's shop on the Avenida sold it at one time not so sure if they still do.

    I will be in Puerto in January and if I find any I will let you know. Could be an idea to ask Jimmy in the New Robin Hood he might just order an extra one for you. good luck

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