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Thread: Busy, Busy, Busy!!

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    Busy, Busy, Busy!!

    For a long time we have found parking in Los Gigantes impossible if we arrive after about 10:00a.m. unless you go to the top of the hill. The ultra-steep hillwalk back up isn't worth it as there are many flatter resorts but I do miss a coffee and going down to the harbour.
    We had a short holiday after New Year and, even when the children were back at school, parking in Los Abrigos became a mission and we gave up in Playa de San Juan altogether.
    I'm not complaining really because we just have to get up earlier. It's really good for the island to be so busy albeit for sad reasons. People are afraid to visit a number of resorts around the Mediterranean at the moment so the Canary Islands are really popular now. Let's hope that an increase in prosperity will address some of the difficulties experienced in the recession.

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    Re: Busy, Busy, Busy!!

    Playa de San Juan is having a new underground car park constructed, as we speak. The plaza is a construction site and is expected to be so for around a year, I hear. There is plenty of parking at the far end of town, over by Altesa supermarket and in the surrounding streets. The walk in from there is flat and takes in the lovely paseo marítimo.

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    Re: Busy, Busy, Busy!!

    do what I do leave the car get the bus

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    Re: Busy, Busy, Busy!!

    I LOVE the buses Caz. Riding up high you ca n see the countryside so much better and enjoy listening to and watching ll the characters on the journey. But there must be a bit of the Scotsman in hubby because he says that if he hires a car, which he always does, he is definitely going to use it!

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    Re: Busy, Busy, Busy!!

    One of the first times we went to Tenerife we hired a car (now we just get buses).

    We wanted to go to Los Gigantes and didn't appreciate how steep the hill was. The car we hired didn't have a traditional handbrake - just a button - probably common on certain makes of car, but totally alien to us.

    We eventually found a big enough space to park on the roadside, but by the time we returned people had parked so close to us that it was impossible for us to get out the space without rolling into the car in front. We had visions of being there 'til after dark when everyone had gone, but fortunately a kind passer-by was familiar with the 'handbrake' and got us free! Any time we've hired cars since, we've made sure it has a proper handbrake!

    It's good to hear the area is nice and busy, though.

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