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Thread: Lost Olympus camera last November

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    Lost Olympus camera last November

    This is a forlorn hope but I am eager to retrieve my Olympus camera which I lost on 26/11/16 whilst on a day trip to Tenerife. I am sure that it dropped from my pocket somewhere in the centre of the island when we stopped to photograph the view. It is I imagine a popular tourist stop for taking pictures. The camera is in a dark grey cloth case. It is about 10 years old but has sentimental value plus lots of irreplaceable photos stored on the memory card. Being on the island for only a day (I was on a cruise) I was not able to follow things up then and it only recently occurred to me to consider using this forum. Any other ideas for how to get my camera back or who to try would be greatly appreciated. I am prepared to offer a reward for its safe return.

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    Re: Lost Olympus camera last November

    I think you would be better posting your request on any one of a number of pages/groups on Facebook for both residents of and visitors to Tenerife. Thousands more people on facebook than on here.

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