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Thread: Los Cris roundabout

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    Los Cris roundabout

    You know, sometimes you think there is nothing left to do that can make a nightmare worse.

    Thinking about the big roundabout in Los Cris. Lunatics racing down from the motorway, half a dozen zebra crossings, dangerous slip roads, the bus station & buses, taxi ranks, crazy drivers usually in the wrong lane & a large used car sales park etc. etc. etc.

    Wrong. Having just been to the bank I notice we now have a fine addition to this spectacle in the shape of a young lady complete with top hat standing in the middle of the road juggling three clubs whilst the lights are on red, then running along the cars asking for money when the lights change. YCNMIU

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    Re: Los Cris roundabout

    We need to go out this afternoon and will see what we can see. I wonder if its anything to do with the 'aqua circus' now be advertised locally which starts on 24 Feb ?

    For those who have been to La Laguna IKEA, or rather leaving it in a car may have seen a man dressed up as a clown doing the same thing at the first set of traffic lights after you exit right out of the IKEA carpark.

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    Re: Los Cris roundabout

    Na. Just begggars. Takin over .
    Just when i thought i was out............They pull me back in.

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    Re: Los Cris roundabout

    Quote Originally Posted by seanocelt View Post
    Na. Just begggars. Takin over .
    They´ll be in Edinburgh in August for the Festival to join all the other beggars there !
    The refugees have all left ,they got fed up with all those east-coasters begging off them !

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