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Thread: Moving to Tenerife

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    Moving to Tenerife

    Hey guys,

    My name name is Nemanja and I am a writer and a director. Hopefully you wonít mind me reaching out to you, but I have a few questions and I would appreciate if you could take out some time for them. I live in Bosnia and for years now Iíve done everything that I could get my hands on, from theater and film, commercials, music videos and TV shows to lectures and writing about film. Iím planning on moving this summer to Spain and I was wondering is there some opportunity for similar jobs or any kind of work in those fields? I know that there has been more than a few films shoot in Canary Islands due to it's great locations. I am well aware of all the difficulties surrounding any kind of work regarding film industry. For starters, I would settle for almost any job that can help me in the transition period, but hopefully I could find something in my field of work, something that I could contribute to.

    The plan was (and still is) to come there, during the tourist season, find any kind of job that can support me and learn the language in the process. During that time I would search intensely for something along the lines of my field of work.

    Given everything that has happened in Spain in recent history I can assume that situation is not as good as it used to be to say the least, but then again after the lifetime in Bosnia, things can only go onwards and upwards for me. Donít get me wrong, itís not as bad here as people are led to believe, but everything reeks of war again and one war was more than enough for me.

    Iíll start from the scratch again just to get my foot in the door. Any advice or words of wisdom?

    Thank you in advance.

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