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Thread: Dog friendly park/beach.

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    Dog friendly park/beach.

    A similar post was submitted back in 2014 but unfortunately no response, I would like to approach the subject again as I will move over to Tenerife in September/October 2017 in the Santa Ursula area with two large dogs and would be very grateful for anyone wishing to meet up and exercise their dogs together with me. Does anyone know where there is a dog friendly park/beach on the island?

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    Re: Dog friendly park/beach.

    Quote from J AN ET AN SC OMB E site

    There are two other dog-friendly beaches in Tenerife, both in El Médano. The first of the two to be opened by Granadilla Ayuntamiento was El Confital, chosen as the best option for the municipality given its somewhat isolated location the other side of Montaña Roja from El Médano, effectively an extension of La Tejita beach. It is designated a “zona de baño permitida para llevar a las mascotas”, as now is the third dog-friendly beach, Playa El Cabezo, the other side of El Médano.

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    Re: Dog friendly park/beach.

    Wow, that's some distance from where I'll be living ( up North ) but thanks anyway, every little bit of information helps.

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