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    Fullbrook Associates Ltd

    I went on holiday to Tenerife and attended a presentation with Eze group. I own timeshare points with Diamond Resorts and paid a lot of money to them to get me out of the contract. They then fobbed me off to a company called pretorian Legal in Birmingham. Eze group have since informed me that this company won't be completing the cancelation of my timeshare contract and in the past few weeks sent me some information explaining that a company called Fullbrook Associates would be taking over. I am tired of being conned out of money, has anybody used fullbrook associates? Are they going to be yet another let down?
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    My mother and father are in their 70's now and have been with Diamond resorts a while now. It has suited them in the past but I think they are probably looking to get out eventually. I've heard there are ways to get out but keep us informed as to how you get on if you don't mind.

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    Re: Fullbrook Associates Ltd

    I will keep you updated. I have tried to get out of this timeshare with several companies now. ihave a feeling this is just another one in a long line. i dint even pick this one. just another con i think.

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