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Thread: Fa Cup final

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    Fa Cup final

    Great game so far. Enjoy watching it.

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    Re: Fa Cup final

    Very good final and a joy to watch.
    I hope they look after Mr Wenger, an absolute legend.
    Give him another couple of years (if he wants them) and then give him the option of being on the board of directors.
    He's made some very good buys, let's not hope it's bye, bye's next.

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    Re: Fa Cup final

    Arsene Wenger is just a great sportsman. Never agressive or outrageous towards his opponents or the press like the special one for example.
    Also surprising how strong Mertesacker played against Costa in his his second game after his pre season injury.

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    Re: Fa Cup final

    I'm happy Arsenal won. Now hopefully Arsene will sign a new contract, if only to p*%& off the 'fans' that were calling for his head because they were going to miss out on the top 4.

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    Re: Fa Cup final

    The fans that want Arsene out should take a look at what has happened at Man Utd since Fergie retired.

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