Figured I'd drop some notes on various sites with the hope of finding like minded people to climb with this November. I have a month or so off work, and no set itinerary. Trying to find the perfect blend of surfing and climbing so Tenerife is high on my list. I'm a laid back guy in my early 30s, can lead/project sport up to 5.12- and boulder around V5/6. Grades don't matter a whole lot to me though, as long as you're good people and safe I'm happy to climb whatever. I'll have a rope/quickdraws/essentials with me.

On a side note, has anyone gone to Tenerife solo to climb? I've researched a few climbing 'hostels', do they stay full enough that it's easy to find people to link up with? (Ie, Kalymnos?) Seems like there is enough bouldering for days you can't find a climbing partner too. Any tips or info is appreciated.