In order for this job section to be useful to all members and to prevent abuse, the following rules will now be applied to the job section :

1. All job postings must follow this format :

Name of company :

Name of member to contact :

Salary :

Contract :

Job description :

Working hours :

Working area :

Other information :
Any jobs posted that do not follow this format will be removed and the original poster PM'd to ask that they repost it correctly.

2. NO contact details, such as email addresses or phone numbers are allowed on the forum for safety reasons. ALL contact must be made via PM in the first instance, you may then PM any interested applicants with your email address or phone number.

It is therefore important that you check your PM's regularly if you post a job on this forum.

3. All job adverts in this 'jobs available' section will be locked. This is because enquiries and replies should be made via PM, so posting a reply on the thread is usually counterproductive.

Locking also stops people 'bumping' their post so it is at the top of the forum having unfair priority over other posts.

4. All duplicate job threads will be deleted.

5. If you have filled a position that you have advertised here, please edit the thread to reflect that or contact a moderator with the URL of your thread to do it on your behalf. This is so that people searching for jobs do not waste their and your time.

6. If you have posted an ad some time ago for a job you have advertised and it has become available again so you want to readvertise it, please contact a moderator who will bump the thread on your behalf at their discretion. If you have anything to add/change to the original post, you can always edit it yourself with the new info or inform the moderator of any changes so that they can edit it on your behalf.

The ONLY exception that will apply to providing the above information is if a member posts ... there is an advert in 'so and so's' window requiring 'whatever'

Thank you.