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Thread: Moving to Tenerife

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    Moving to Tenerife

    My wife and I will arrive in Tenerife in about 2 weeks time.
    We are planning to move to Tenerife so this is an opportunity to see where we want to live/set up business etc.
    Where is the best place to get a fair local price for a small villa or apartment to rent long term.

    We don't want to be paying silly tourist prices.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Moving to Tenerife


    It is great to see that you want to make the move! I suppose the answer to your question depends on what you fancy, really. And also on what kind of business you want to set up!

    As long as you move slightly away from the tourist areas the prices should not be silly. Personally, I like Puerto de la Cruz. Good weather during most of the year and has the feel of a real town where people live, and not holiday. Housing might be a little more pricey, but literally 5 minutes drive in any direction and it gets cheaper. El Toscal has some nice villas, for example. There is also a healthy expat population, if you ever feel like hearing a familiar accent, the British library, etc. You can still get a great taste though of the Spanish way of living.

    If you fancy the South there are plenty of towns apart from the tourist resorts, but close to them, so you can still enjoy the beaches and beautiful evening walks. Chances are there will be more trade in the south as well.

    So yeah, what are your thoughts/preconceptions?

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    Re: Moving to Tenerife

    Luckily I don't have any preconceptions.
    We have been to Tenerife many times.
    Family had a villa in San Blas, but it was sold s couple of years ago.
    We used it often, so we know the area reasonably well.

    My current business will remain, which I can run from anywhere, as it's mostly online.

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    Re: Moving to Tenerife

    We bought a house about 20 minutes outside Puerto de la Cruz and I can totally agree with Dr Scouse, there are more Spanish living in our somewhat little village but we don't mind one bit, much better than the more popular tourist areas such as Los Cristianos, Adeje and Playa de las Americas for example. You'll always find doctors and general help ( handymen, gardeners etc ) who speak a little English so that shouldn't be a problem. House prices are generally higher in the South as in the North and there are plenty of websites available for you to cruise through and find one, good luck in your new life, hope things work out for you both.

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    Re: Moving to Tenerife

    Well that makes things even better then, orodonnelly!! Most of all if you can run your business from anywhere. That is the dream! Make sure you pick a part of the island with fibre optic internet connection though. I can say from experience most of Puerto de la Cruz has a very good connection (and many more places of course!).

    A general rule of thumb is that housing is cheaper in the north, and the north feels a little bit more like real life, because it isn't a full-blown tourist resort. In my opinion, the best thing is that you are only an hour's drive from the resorts anyway, and getting a holiday apartment for the weekend is very cheap!

    If you do know San Blas it might be a good option, at least to start!

    Best of luck.

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