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Thread: Winter in Tenerife

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    Winter in Tenerife

    Hiya everyone,
    We are thinking of coming back over to Tenerife for the winter from Oct til around next march/April could any give us some decent Long term rental estate agents over there as it has been a long time since we lived there and lost all of our old contacts, we were thinking the south of the island,
    Also how is the island doing now I see there has been a fair bit of new investment there.
    Thanks everyone in advance.

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    Re: Winter in Tenerife

    Hello, just a friendly word of advice, there are not too many estate agents that will have a 6 month let, someone on here may have an apartment to let for that period of time but generally 6 months is not considered 'long term' The South of the island is a good choice but more expensive than the North, so be prepared. Look for double glazing, check the heating system ( the evenings can get a little cool ) and try and get a bathroom that has a window ( air the place as much as possible ) mould can get a hold very quickly and if you are not careful, you could end up losing your deposit if the landlord is not happy with the way you leave the apartment. I say these things because my experience of renting has been a nightmare, far to long a story for me to go into on here. Anyway, there are lots of estate agents in the South of the island and even more online, Google 'Long term lets on Tenerife' you'll find idealista, a good site for rentals. TIP: Top right hand corner you can change the language. Good luck.

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