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Thread: Where's the local laundry?

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    Where's the local laundry?

    We have an apartment in Las Chafiras . We choose not to buy a washing machine so are in need of a Laundry.
    Does anybody know if there is one in Las Chafiras? Or in neighbouring towns ,Los Christianos, Las Americas etc?

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    Re: Where's the local laundry?

    Los Cristianos

    Lavandería Achacay
    Av. Juan Carlos I, 22
    Los Cristianos
    +34 922 75 00 46

    Lavanderia La Fuente
    Av. Ámsterdam, 1
    Los Cristianos
    +34 922 10 53 09

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    Re: Where's the local laundry?

    Thanks max xx, just found it

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