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Thread: Titsa bus times

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    Titsa bus times

    Hi all due to Ryanair changing flight times we will be arriving at the south airport in a couple of weeks around 00.15 Thursday midnight so looking for a bus after 00.30 can anyone tell me what time i will get the next couple buses after that to the Costa Adeje bus station please, your help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance

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    Re: Titsa bus times

    Is this site still working because no one seems to be getting any replies only views, or is my laptop playing up. Some tabs I have clicked on just wont load just a load of letters and symbols show up. Any advice would be much appreciated ppl

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    Re: Titsa bus times

    looks like this site is a waste of time now plenty views but no one is communicating anymore by looks of things

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    Re: Titsa bus times


    There is an express bus, I think it is the No 30 that runs through the night to Costa Adeje. Check the Titsa website for exact times.

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