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Thread: Brexit: Is it a risk to buy property?

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    Brexit: Is it a risk to buy property?


    Iíve seen a beautiful apartment that Iím itching to buy but Iím hesitant about Brexit.

    Does anyone know if itís a wise thing to do or could it be a risk buying in Tenerife with Brexit zooming towards us?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Thank you,


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    Re: Brexit: Is it a risk to buy property?

    Blimey, you’re a useless lot!Not to worry as I’ve found out the answer to my question. Apparently us Brits can only stay in Tenerife 3 out of every 6 months. To continue to enjoy EU benefits we need to have residency by 31/12/2020, after that things will be tough, no EHIC card and pensions cannot be drawn form the UK.
    Lots of Brits selling I see. Viewed 5 properties a few days ago all owned by Brits......

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    Re: Brexit: Is it a risk to buy property?

    Great to know you found your answer already, hope you make the most out of your stay.

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