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Thread: New quarantine laws announced today to the UK.

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    The change in quarantine laws in 2012 .............

    A few weeks ago, the forum brought out the new business discount card, and asked for business owners to come forward and introduce their product / service to the forum.
    This is about what we do here at PETS@HOME, but more to educate people about the new quarantine laws that will come into effect on the 01/01/2012.

    PETS@HOME was opened because of the lack of facilties for home care for pets. The only alternative at the moment is Kennels and Catteries, and we saw a gap in the Marketplace.

    Alot of owners do not like to put their pets into Kennels and their cats into Catteries and choose instead to either not go away, or get a friend to look after their pet.

    We at PETS@HOME cater for the dogs that owners feel they cannot leave in a Kennel. These are the Pedigree dogs and cats, young dogs and cats, and old dogs and cats. We have been going now since July 2010 and have alot of regular clients, that come back again and again ..........

    We treat them as if they were our own, and they are in a home enviroment, no cages needed. They have complete freedom of the house, and they cannot get out as the front terrace has a very high fence and a locked gate. The cats are in the back terrace and have their own space and an ajoining back room, and a wall which is as high as the house, so they cannot get out either.

    We also look after pets for their quarantine before taking them to the airport and flying them back to their owner. We have had many dogs and cats already gone home on the old system of 7 months, also looking after them for 7 months and seeing to eveything that needs to be done, for them, for their journey home. The last 3are flying home on the 16th November, we have looked after them now for 7 months and finally we are nearly ready to fly them. Because we are flying them altogether, they are having a flight share to Manchester, saving the owners 900 POUNDS STERLING between them.

    As at 01/01/2012, the quarantine laws will change and the quarantine will be now 21 days instead of 7 months.
    Our first flight out in January to LGW is already fully booked with 4 dogs and one cat going back on a 5 way flight share, a saving overall of over 1000 pounds sterling, LGW is more expensive than MAN to fly to ....

    The gate way has opened NOW, for owners to take their pets back to the UK instead of leaving them behind.
    This will mean less anquish for the owner, and less stress on the Refuge Centres .....
    They will now not have to pay for 7 months kennel fees for quarantine, or costly bloodtests, and if they get a flight share, which is what we do, then its is not very expensive at all.

    If anyone needs more information for either a holiday stay or a quantine stay, and more information on the new law please p/m us, we are happy to quote you.
    Dogs @ 6.50 per night / Cats @ 5.00 per night
    Introducing PetEX
    EXperts in EXporting Pets back to the UK

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