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Thread: Consumer Rights Office : What to do if you think you've been ripped off in Tenerife

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    Quote Originally Posted by kellyman View Post
    I have been confronted with these people. They offer a camera for €20 just to get you in the shop. Naturally I always resist. Telling them that I live here usually deters them. I think it would be a good idea to put the name and address of the shop on the forum. This way a good many people would be fore warned and can avoid these establishments.

    I seem to remember the shop we had the altercation with was called "The Professor" .... and they had 3 shops close by in the Puerto Colon area ...not sure if they are are still there as I haven't been to that area for a few years now ... but the shops were near to the steps at the bottom ,that come down from the upper level ....

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    Bit of help please.

    What is the law in Spain regarding faulty goods?

    In UK if a shop sells goods that fail within the guarantee period it is the shop where you bought the item you deal with not with the manufacturer.

    Is it not the same in Spain?

    The item in question only cost about 30 euro but the shop insists that I have to deal with the manufacturers agent somewhere in the back streets of Santa Cruz!

    Considering the cost of fuel and time it would just not be worth it or is this what they are relying on?

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    Angry The swami

    You have all probably heard this one before.first time in a spanish resort for a holiday.7 ripped off,my own fault really!too trusting.just want to warn people."the swami"c.c. Playa,local1,san eugenia bajo,38660 by the not go into!they really are con artists.forcefull,get you to buy something,you pay,then they start the patter and pressure to buy something better.only it's not.!you ask for money back,more pressure.because you are not sure of anything you relent and are fleeced.these people have been mentioned in other forums and have been sued allready.yet they are still allowed to prey on honest visitors to tenerife.which unfortunately makes people scared to go into honest shops and buy anything,which must be bad for honest will not deter me from visiting again.but it means i will also be on guard more,and may be not so willing to be first impressions of a spanish resort!always be on guard they will rip you off.![i will say i was ripped off by indians not spanish.]i am sure i may learn what to do and what to be wary of in the future.i do think it is wise for anyone visiting a foreign country to read forums like this for practical help and advice.thank you.i would like to know if anyone else has been ripped off by these people.i certainly don't feel comfortable knowing some other people are going to fall victim to them.

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    I would have thought with expensive electronic equipment the best thing to do would be to not buy from some dodgy no-name shop on your holidays in the first place. I sometimes get hassled by traders wanting to flog me cameras (due to my FZ38 being around my neck) but I always refuse in the confident knowledge that the camera I use is much better than anything they could sell me and especially at the price they charge. Basically, never ever trust people like this. It's never done me any harm so far. Just think of them as wasps - they're irritating but if you don't flap about they'll leave you alone.

    For expensive electronics you're better off ordering them over the Internet instead IMV.

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    Following on from Beerfan, I am often amazed at conversations with people buying cameras, watches and perfume on Tenerife. There is absolutely nothing wrong in buying such items on Tenerife, but people start the process to buy yet have no clue as to what those items would cost them back home!

    Maybe they don't particularly care - nothing wrong with that either. I would want to have some idea!

    I did once buy a camera and paid less on Tenerife - not a lot, but enough to make it fun. However, I can remember some oddity when I first went into the shop and was offered a really low price and when I presented a credit card there was a sudden 'problem' and it occurred to me that someone stock taking!!!!

    My only real pieces of advice is do some research on prices, models etc at home and take with you to Tenerife, for example, a copy of a current photography magazine for reference; always keep your wits about you; walk out of the shop if you feel any kind of pressure and any questions you have are not directly answered; never buy after having a few drinks; be as cynical about the purchase as you wish and thoroughly check what you are buying before you pay. You can of course take details of what was offered to you and go to an internet cafe and check out prices on Amazon etc!
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    The consumer office of Los Realejos is the best, some say. The main man there is fantastic, indeed. Also mind the consumer offices are not for home owner problems. Those must go see an 'administrador de fincas' or a lawyer.

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    Just to warn people. There is a Fish Spa that has opened near us recently. Thing is, this is just a front for other things they are doing. They are targeting old people and doing the camera swap con. They are also changing money and slipping in the odd fake 20 euro note.

    We are trying to take steps to stop this, but it's really difficult to make a complaint yourself. My other half was really given the run around by different organisations over the weekend. Guardia Civil sent her to the police station, who said she had to go to the Cristianos police station, which is only open three mornings a week, who told her she had to raise a denuncia, which is pretty pointless.

    Just don't go near them, they are just thieving lying gits. They are on the beach path around the corner from Mack's Bar.
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    Thanks, whereabouts is 'Mack's Bar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leam_Lin View Post
    Thanks, whereabouts is 'Mack's Bar.
    Compostela Beach I. There's a path leading from opposite Zara, to the beach. It is at the bottom of the path to the right where these robbers are. I can't stress enough what a bunch of bullies they are. They even have a looky minder hanging around when people confront them.
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    Just as an update. We (and others) made a complaint to the community administrators about this shop. Last Sunday, they had a visit from the police and have not opened since. I have asked around and they have been telling people they have had a death in the family and will be open again soon. I'm not so sure this is the truth, it's a bit of a coincidence isn't it?

    I have heard that people going in to exchange money have not been getting the rate advertised. They say the rate advertised is for travellers cheques only. As they are unable to accept travellers cheques, it is obviously another con. They in fact have only been giving 1.13 instead of the rate advertised at 1.18, which only a fool would be selling at, at this time.

    Hopefully, they have gone for good. But all this really means is they will set up somewhere else.
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