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Thread: Room or flat share wanted in south Tenerife

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    Room or flat share wanted in south Tenerife

    Hi all

    This is my first post, aplogies if its not in the right place.
    Basically am after a wee bit of advice. Me and a friend was going to tenerife with a idea of getting a job and renting a place together. With three weeks to go my friend has bailed. I have gone to far to back out resigning my job and giving my landlord his notice - exciting but terrifying too!

    Anyway i been seaching the net high and low for houseshares/rooms to let and all i keep getting is very expensive hotels! I even looked at hostel options but it seems hostels want you to come in a group!

    Am just hoping someone can tell me if their is houseshares or just rooms to let over their? are they easy enough to find and if so where should i start looking?

    I land in three weeks time and as it draws closer am starting to realise am leaving things a bit last minute here. Any advice on finding work would be a bonus too!

    Awesome forum by the way boys n girls!

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    flat share

    im going to be looking for a housemate begining of september pm me karen

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