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  36. Athletics Olympics one year away...............No thanks !!!
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  39. Sir Bobby Robson
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  41. Cricket England has just beaten India in the second test match.
  42. Football Chivas show Barca how it's done
  43. Football Panyee FC. A short film (True story)
  44. Football Free E.S.P.N App for iPhones ans Android users (Footy Fans)
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  56. Running Please vote for my Grandma to carry the olympic torch
  57. Other Donald 'Ginger' McCain dies aged 80
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  59. Football Tevez aftermath
  60. Other Tenerife Champions Cup ( volleyball )
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  69. Football Why is Euro 2012 being held in Poland if the FA consider it a racist country?
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  76. Football Unacceptable behaviour
  77. Running Congratulations to my Grandma for carrying the Olympic torch!
  78. Gary Ablett R.I.P
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  83. Rugby Aren't there any rugby fans on here anymore?
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  85. Football Fabio Capello has resigned
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  93. Rugby Wales win the Grand Slam
  94. Football Bolton player collapsed on the pitch at White Hart Lane today.
  95. Football Kilmarnock beat Celtic in Scottish league cup final
  96. Football Sites to watch Footy on pc please!
  97. Who will be the master?!
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  114. Tennis New eye (balls) please
  115. Tennis Serena Williams wins her 5th crown at Wimbledon
  116. What do you think of the John Terry trial proceedings?
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  129. Football Will Manchester United supported be respectful at Anfield in the light of JFT96?
  130. Golf It's the Ryder Cup this weekend!
  131. Other All-Ireland Hurling final replay.
  132. Football Do any bars in Tenerife show Premier Sports on TV?
  133. Other Red Bull Stratos Jump - Live feed... 120,000ft straight down!
  134. Football Racism in football
  135. Football F.A. Cup 2012-13 thread
  136. Football Where can I see Southampton versus Sunderland on the 22nd December 2012?
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  138. Cycling Downhill cycling
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  161. Football Match fixing. - Where is the evidence?
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  169. Football Who will win the 2013/2014 English Premier League?
  170. Football Is this fella mad..?
  171. Football World Cup draw. Friday 6th December 2013
  172. Football F.A. Cup 2014 3rd round draw
  173. Football Eusebio has died
  174. Football F.A.Cup 5th round draw
  175. Football R.I.P. Tony Hateley
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  181. Is anyone watching the Winter Olympics?
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  183. Football Has David Moyes been sacked? There are rumours circulating on Twitter
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  191. Football England V Uruguay. ~ (Marty Feldman)
  192. Football The Beautiful Game
  193. The Tour de France in the UK
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  201. Update on World Triathlon, Canada. 2014
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  203. Rugby Leinster v Edinburgh
  204. Football Is anyone watching the Scotland v England match today?
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  206. Football F.A. Cup 4th Round draw
  207. What are you opinions on whether Ched Evans should be allowed to play football again?
  208. Football F.A. Cup 5th round draw
  209. Football Harry resigns
  210. Who are your all time favourite football club managers?
  211. Football F. A. Cup 6th round draw
  212. Football F. A. Cup Semi Final Draw
  213. Football Where can we hire a 5-a-side football pitch in Playa de las Americas?
  214. Football F.A.Cup Final 2015
  215. Football Why is England football so dire?
  216. Tennis Wimbledon 2015
  217. Cricket cricket team
  218. Football Leicester City
  219. Football Tenerife Forum Fantasy Football sign ups 2015/16 now live
  220. Football 2015/16 premier league winner/relegated
  221. Football Tenerife forum fantasy football league tables 2015/16
  222. Rugby Rugby......Friendly
  223. Motor Sport F1 on TV
  224. Other Anyone feel like playing catch:i brought my baseball glove plus ball
  225. Tennis Davis Cup
  226. Other Sports streaming link.
  227. Football 4 th Round FA Cup Draw
  228. Football F.A.Cup 5th Round Draw
  229. Football F.A. Cup 6th Round Draw
  230. Other Indoor Bowls
  231. Football what's the best pub to watch the games?
  232. Football Messi Retirement?
  233. Other The Irish O'lympics.
  234. Football Tenerife forum fantasy football league table 2016/17
  235. Other Beachvolley
  236. Fishing Boat sharing from San Miguel marina
  237. Boxing Haye v Bellew
  238. Athletics Transporting poles from airport
  239. Boxing Ufc 210
  240. Football Are You Happy With Your Teams Efforts This Season
  241. Football Fa Cup final
  242. Football What is the recent news about football?
  243. Football Fantasy Football